Meet Carlos


In every election, qualifications signify. In this 2018 Primary, experience is the difference. My knowledge and achievements trump my opponents in every area necessary to serve the people of Florida Congressional District 23. Experience counts. Let me explain how I became the man I am.

Nancy and I, celebrating thirty-four years of marriage, are proud parents of three and loving grandparents to three. I was born in Miami and have lived in this area since 1970. My parents, like many immigrants, came to this country seeking freedom and the ‘American Dream.’ My strong work ethic stems from my parents ' example. They escaped Cuba with nothing. They overcame their lack of physical resources, with hard work, persistence, and gratitude for their opportunity in America. Their values modeled both my personal and professional life. They serve as the lodestar of my legal practice ethics, strong family ties, and philanthropic endeavors.

Thus, from the many opportunities afforded me, my gratitude is boundless. My legal practice evidences this. My consistent philanthropic involvement starting in the 1990s focuses in the most at-risk in South Florida. (Please refer my appointments and honors listed in About to the left.) These endeavors taught me the blessing of giving and the insight that distinguishes me in this race for Congress.

Then-Governor Jeb Bush' appointing me to South Broward Hospital District Commission established my drive to prioritize quality, affordable healthcare in America. As chairman of this $1 billion dollar healthcare system board, I garnered unique insight into provider, patient, and administrator challenges. This broad perspective distinguishes my comprehension of the healthcare arena. From hardworking, caring providers to the many  patient and family challenges, my insight into American healthcare make me unique in the FL 23 congressional race. I am the only candidate with broad acumen and governing experience in healthcare arena.

Some charity work was just fun like chairing galas with Nancy for the American Heart Association; the 11th Annual For The Public Good Event–Legal Aid of Broward County with friends Arthur and Belinda Keiser; and the Jeb Bush Cystic Fibrosis Gala 2009 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Broward County. However, my role in enhancing Broward Healthcare remains paramount.

Then, tragedy struck the generous contributors and volunteers to The Light of the World Clinic (for those unable to pay for care.) Founder (and dear fríend) Dr Erwin Vasquez passed away six years ago. His widow Elaine and the Board tapped me to serve temporarily as CEO. Six years later, I happily remain in that “temporary” role, still impressed with this organization's meaningful contribution to so many. To reiterate, my leadership skills in Broward healthcare make me the only truly knowledgeable candidate running. 

Governing experience resulted from the Broward County Commission. When they organized the Charter Review Commission encouraged friends from “Hispanic Vote" encouraged me to submit my name for consideration. In Summer 2015, Democrat Broward County Commissioner Lois Wexler queried my intent. I simply said, “I don’t have an ax to grind or any perspective to push. Instead, all I can say is, my family and I have lived here since 1970. Our goal always is to better the community. I want to see ‘good government’ for the community and for all. If appointed, I would listen, evaluate, and decide as a board member on what changes, if any, would make Broward County government more accessible and responsive to the people. That’s it.” Commissioner Wexler appointed me to that board, which I continue to serve. We review and evaluate all aspects of the Broward County Charter. In this also, experience counts. I am the only candidate in the race with this governance credential. 

As demonstrated, I am committed to working hard for FL 23. My vast and varied involvement and efforts outlined above demonstrate my unique perspective. I ask for your vote in both the 2018 Primary and General elections for Florida Congressional District 23 Representative. With God's favor, you will compare and recognize that I am the most qualified candidate because EXPERIENCE IS THE DIFFERENCE. 


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